Art Walk Friday, June 25, in Downtown Concord

Works by almost 100 artists at 11 locations will be featured in the downtown Concord Art Walk Friday, June 25, 6-9 p.m.

The free event, organized by the Cabarrus Arts Council, includes visual art displays on and near Union Street.  There are refreshments and entertainment at many locations, and artists are on hand to talk informally about their work.  A free screening of the film, Rocaterrania, will take place at the Davis Theatre at 9 p.m. following Art Walk.

The Galleries in Cabarrus County’s historic courthouse at 65 Union Street S will celebrate the opening of Through the Rabbit Hole, a group exhibition that brings together artwork that features whimsy, fantasy and creative imagery.  It includes paintings, bronze and clay sculptures and photo illustrations by 15 artists:  Linda Luise Brown, Marilee Hall, Jayne Harris, Duy Huynh, Nan Jacobsohn, Murray Johnston, Lesley G. Keeble, Ruth Ava Lyons, Roger Martin, Pat Pilchard, Linda Plaisted, Peggy Rivers, Wanda Steppe, Cynthia Tollefsrud and Ginger J. Williamson.

Two locations will have live music.  Russ McIntire will play at Mullis Music at 31 Union Street S, and Chris English will perform at the Adam Ramsey Miller Gallery at 21 Union Street S.

Also showcasing artwork will be The Peggy, 186 Spring Street NW, new works by Beth Feeback and art by young Concord artists; Mud Slingers Pottery, 9 Union Street N, pottery by Rachel Rogers, Carol Weston, Judy Kendall, Mike O’Brien and Beniko Cadel and paintings by Ronda Morris; Gianni’s Restaurant, 15 Union Street S, photography by Richard Schmidt; Burning Rabbit Studios, 21 Union Street S (downstairs), works by Pete Brown and Michael Gaska; Adam Ramsey Miller Gallery, 21 Union Street S (upstairs), Lineage of NODA show featuring works by Raed Al Rawi, Mike Bozart, Alex Clark, Rebecca Jones Clark, David French, Frank Haas, Jerry Kirk, Ruth Ava Lyons, Rusk Masterson, Isaac Payne and Jenny Payne; Lil Robert’s Place, 25 Union Street S, pottery by Michelle Burrage and art by Thorin Medford, Ben Osborne, Andrew Sedberry, Darrin Scarboro, Joe Hatley, Carolyn Ruth, Adam Ramsey Miller and Charles Mauldin; Antique Market of Concord, 37 Union Street S, sidewalk demonstration by Southern Piedmont Woodturners; Ellie’s Coffee Shoppe, 37 Union Street S, art by Rod Burch, Kelli Horne, Anita Kinnier and Carol Pighin; Little Feather, 42 Union Street S, paintings by Ilisa Howell; and Piedmont Renaissance Center, 51 Union Street S, artwork by Faith Alexander, Randy Calhoun, Bruce Chandler, Nancy Bibby, Charles Farrar, Carolyn Fisher, Stephie Gustavson, Dwight Hartsell, Roland Hege, Carlos Herrera, Kate Highsmith, Donna Kirby, Beth Kluttz, Patricia Lindsey, Sylvia Lower, Donna Maer, Jerry Measimer, Barbara Pavey, Keith Pavey, Bel Ray, Ryan Richie, Barry Russell, Richard Schmidt, Jennie Tomlin, Kim and Chelsey Tyler, Sherry Vechery, Wayne Wrights and Stephanie, Alex and Taylor Jay.

The film Rocaterrania is presented by Modern Film Fest.  It follows the life of Renaldo Kuhler, a nature illustrator, who created the fictional country of Rocaterrania.  When his family moved from upstate New York to a remote Colorado cattle ranch in 1948, teenaged Renaldo found the isolation unbearable and escaped to the private fantasy world of his notebooks.  What began as the illustrated history of an imaginary country called Rocaterrania became Renaldo’s lifelong obsession – the forging of a secret and satirically coded version of his own life.  The director, Brett Ingram of Greensboro, will be at the screening to talk about the film afterwards.

To download an Art Walk map, visit  For more information, call 704-920-2787.

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