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Into the Woods

August 18 - October 9, 2014

Nature-inspired artworks including woodland animals, works of wood, and landscapes

Elizabeth Bradford of Davidson is a native North Carolinian with deep roots in the rural landscape. During much of her career, she has sought to record the look of the traditional landscape before urbanization. Her acrylic paintings on canvas or wood panel, though representational, have a strong connection to the traditions of abstraction.

Buzz Coren of Burnsville is a woodcrafter who creates multilayered bowls and vessels. He works with many different species of hardwood veneer, and custom dye some of it to achieve both subtle and striking color combinations.

Jim Carpenter of Pfafftown considers himself a “bird carver” rather than a woodcarver because, while his birds are primarily wood, the habitats he places them in are often metal, epoxies or plastic. He paints the exquisitely detailed pieces with acrylics or oils.

Charles Farrar of Concord is a woodturner who creates a variety of turned pieces, from classical forms with fine finishes to those with hand carved, textured, and pigmented surfaces. He is happiest when working with found woods that feature irregular grain patterns, knots, burls or voids. His work is included in the White House Collection of American Crafts.

William Jameson of Saluda incorporates heavy applications of paint and strong, energetic brushstrokes in his introspective oil landscapes. His goal is to explore the subject matter in detail, and, in the process, go past the surface of the individual elements in the landscape to reveal the mystery and power of nature.

Jean LeCluyse of Chapel Hill honed observation and drawing skills during several years as a scientific illustrator. She creates richly detailed narrative drawings as well as mixed media pieces that may include acrylic, colored pencil, collaged elements and graphite over randomly textured surfaces.

Debbie Littledeer of Burnsville is a printmaker known for serigraphs of landscapes and whimsical animals. She creates pictures of the mountains that surround her and fantasies that dance through her head.

Jason Lydic of Hendersonville parlayed a birthday gift from his wife – a trip to a blacksmith shop to learn welding and forging skills -- into a career as an artist. He is a former zookeeper who uses his knowledge of the natural world to make realistic animal sculptures.

Roger Martin of Albemarle has sculpted animals in one form or another for 35 years. The majority of his work is sculpted in clay then cast in bronze. His goal is to capture the essence or personality of the subject while at the same time creating an accurate anatomical replica of the species.

Dottie Moore of Rock Hill, SC, is a studio quilt artist whose work has been exhibited, collected and published throughout the world. She refers to her quilts as “visual conversations with fabric and thread to explore the mysteries of earth and sky.” She has participated in both the American Craft Council shows and in The Smithsonian Craft Show.

Luna Lee Ray of Chapel Hill creates mixed media artworks containing imagery that is informed by her experience of the natural world. She loves layering and texture and all the creative possibilities of combining painting, drawing, and collage.

Susannah Ravenswing of Germantown has crafted richly detailed one-of-a-kind jewelry for more than 30 years. Her pieces, many of which are inspired by her rambles through the woods, include rare gems, fossils, gold and silver.

Anatoly Tsiris of Charlotte is a craftsman and artist who creates large vessels for home décor, interior design and decorative art. His pieces, which are crafted exclusively of local woods, tend to have primarily organic shapes.



Upcoming Events


Art Walk: Harrisburg

Saturday, Oct. 18

10 am-4 pm

Harrisburg Town Center

Enjoy a variety of art and entertainment.


Author Event: Bob Inman

Thursday, Oct. 23

11:30 am

Cabarrus Country Club, Concord

Concord Friends of the Library's annual Deana Irvin Symposium


Art Class, Fiber Goes Digital -

Saturday, Oct. 25

10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Guild Gallery, 11 Union St. S, Concord. 

Local artist June Moore will discuss mediums for printing on fabric.


Community Theatre, The Turning of the Screw

Thursday-Saturday, Oct. 30-Nov. 1,

Piedmont Renaissance Center, 51 Union St. S, Concord. 

The provocative tale of suspense, horror and repressed sexuality is a spine-tingling, psychological thriller. 











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