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June 13-July 29, 2016

Exploring contemporary notions of storytelling through fine art.


Tami Bone of Austin, TX, grew up in deep South Texas where she spent a childhood oftentimes free and driven by her imagination. Her photographic work today pulls from impressions made during these early beginnings that make their way into her narrative images.


Pattie Chalmers of Carbondale, IL, is a ceramic sculptor who creates narrative tableaus using images culled from childhood tales, four-for-a-dollar comic books, movies-of-the-week, and personal experience.  She is on the art faculty at Southern Illinois University.


Robert Crum of Salisbury is a classically trained artist who works out of a studio at ClearWater Artist Studios in Concord. He is known for working in a variety of media, including oil paintings, sculptures, mosaics, murals and watercolors. He often paints using the same materials and methods used by the Old Masters.


Denise Duong of Oklahoma City is a Vietnamese-American mixed media artist working with paper, acrylic, and different printing techniques. Many things inspire her, including traveling, discovery, and adventure. The spontaneity of life drives her imagination.


Andy Farkas of Asheville is a print and book artist who works with wood engraving, drypoint and etching techniques to create detailed, evocative images. He considers the true nature of his work to  telling stories.


Harriet Marshall Goode of Rock Hill can’t imagine her life without painting. She is a figure painter because she is intrigued by the shape and form of human creatures. Although they often appear amorphous, the figures are always women who represent people she knows or people she makes up because she would like to know them.


Erik Haagensen of Greenville, TN, creates sturdy functional pottery that combines traditional firing methods and materials with odd little illustrations inspired by science fiction and fantasy. His stoneware pottery provides a delightful canvas for fine line drawings of happy, confused, drunken and lovesick monsters and aliens.

Kat Moser of Snowmass, CO, is a photographer who explores the potency of the female form and the otherworldly aspects of earth and water through her elegant, ethereal and often enigmatic photographs. Using a converted infrared camera, she often depicts women as wholly integrated elements of the natural environment.


Beth Tarkington of Marietta, GA, makes ceramic pieces  handmade of earthenware clay using slab, coil and mold techniques. They are one-of-a-kind narrative works, incorporating painterly images and occasionally words. Each piece tells a story, relates an experience or relives a memory and encourages a  connection between the viewer and the work.


TaylorYuko Nogami Taylor of Raleigh is a Tokyo native whose artistic inspiration comes from modern western art and historical Japanese art. She skillfully merges the heritage of Southern African American culture and Japanese culture into oil paintings, creating harmony between nature and people.



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Upcoming Events

A Closer Look

Thursday, July 28


The Galleries

Unresolved exhibiting artists Andy Farkas and Robert Crum will take guests behind the scenes in the creative process in this free program.


Baseball and Brew

Friday, July 29


Kannapolis Intimidators

A fun night out for millienials to enjoy craft beer samples and food from 6-7:30 pm; baseball game starts at 7:05 pm. Call 704-920-2787 for ticket info.


ClearWater Opening Reception

Saturday, July 30

1-4 pm

ClearWater Artist Studios, Concord

See exhibition Artistry in Woodturning and enjoy Artist Talk by Charles Farrar at 2pm


Save the Date

Dancing for the Arts

Sat, Nov. 12




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