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April 4-May 21, 2016

Exploring worlds, real and imaginary.

Ráed Al-Rawi of Charlotte is an American-Iraqi who was an illustrator for a national children’s magazine and cartoonist before he moved to the United States 1980. In his acrylic paintings, he blends colors to create a hazy luminosity that gives the impression of the images disappearing into the unknown. His goal is for the images to create an ongoing conversation about life.

Maureen Collins of Huntersville began her art career at the age of 12 in her native New York with classes at the Famous Art School, where one of the critics of her oil paintings was Norman Rockwell. After a corporate career, she combined her loves of art and gardening to create Fairy Gardens.  She operates an art and design store, The White Azalea, in Huntersville.

Gene Costanza of Eugene, OR, is a contemporary realist painter who rekindled his dormant artistic endeavors to become a full-time artist after a 25-year career in law enforcement.  By capturing the light and atmosphere, the feel and smell, the wind and wave, he hopes to share places that mean something to him and the moments that evoke common feelings we share.

Susan Edmonson of Concord is a fiber artist known for lavishing her work with beading and embroidery.  Her specialties have been folk art, crazy quilted purses and wall quilts, and “flower doodles.” More recently she has been using mixed media techniques to make fabric collage books and mini art quilts. She has designed quilt patterns and kits for two national stores as well as her own line.

Jessica Gordon is an Ohio native and former graphic designer who, looking for a creative outlet, taught herself to paint.  In her first year of showing art, Jessica received two Best of Show and three First Place awards for her oil paintings. She describes her art as “a way of expression, a way of growth and a way of escape in the most wonderful sense.”

Frank Hunter of Santa Fe, NM, is one of America’s great platinum/palladium photographers. Platinum/Palladium is a late 19th century process that uses iron salts (rather than silver salts) with the precious metals to create images that have the widest tonal range of any photographic process. He formerly taught at Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies.

Gayle Stott Lowry of Raleigh loves opportunities to leave familiar surroundings and experience life in another part of the world. Delving into this unfamiliar environment challenges her, poses questions and removes her certainty. “Interpreting these experiences through my paintings helps me relive these transformative times in my existence as a human being on this earth at this moment."

Sudie Rakusin of Carrboro loves experimenting and has worked in a wide variety of media, from pencil drawing and oil painting to paper mâché sculptures and mosaic-tiled furniture.  Her recent works, which bring her “feverish joy,” include a series of large, three-dimensional paintings that tie together her work as a fine artist with recent forays into the world of paper craft.

Christie Taylor has lived and worked on the Chincoteague Bay on the Eastern Shore of Maryland since 2012, which has given her the opportunity to paint and explore her favorite subject, the salt marshes. A former long-time Charlotte resident, she and Dot Hodges founded Hodges Taylor Gallery in 1980.

Upcoming Events


Breakfast for the Arts

Friday, May 27


Embassy Suites, Concord

Registrations required. Call 704-920-2787.


Art Walk

Friday, June 17

6-9 pm

Downtown Concord

Call 704-920-to sign-up to participate.


Family Day

Saturday June 25

10 am-2 pm

The Galleries & Davis Theatre

Free arts activities for children and their parents.


Save the Date

Dancing for the Arts

Saturday, Nov. 12



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