Jennie Martin Tomlin, Artist

The Cabarrus Arts Council has been a part of my life since it’s beginning as I was fortunate to serve on the board of directors as secretary at that time. I have followed it closely and enjoyed supporting it over the years, most particularly the visual arts program.  I have marveled at the growth and watched become better year by year, thinking each year that it couldn’t get any better, and then Rebecca Collins joined the staff as Visual Arts Director and Curator of the Galleries and the visual arts programs and exhibit went over the top!  

Rebecca has brought our exhibits to a new level in quality of work exhibited  as well as  creative exhibit presentation , visual art programs and methods of promotion of events.  The Cabarrus Arts Council is indeed blessed to have her on staff.  Her ability to structure an exhibit so that it flows aesthetically is outstanding and her knowledge of design and ability to find high caliber artists and showcase their work in an exceptional way makes her a great asset to the Arts Council.  She has learned to know and support the local artists as well as artists from surrounding areas and  earned their respect .  

Jennie Martin Tomlin
Artist/ Cabarrus County/Concord, NC   
Board of directors current /Cabarrus Arts Council

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