Anne Pärtna

About the Artistanne partna

I am interested in memory, how and what we remember and the way these memories shape our daily existence. I have been building fires or have had my hands in clay for as long as I remember. I followed clay and fire all the way across the world from a little farm in Estonia to a little homestead in Seagrove where clay is abundant and woodfired kilns are nothing too exotic.

Ben Owen III

About the Artistben owen iii

Ben Owen III creates works in clay for this exhibition with an emphasis on the vessel.  Many of the vases featured are glazed with a variety of pigments and accented with the process of firing in a wood kiln.  The ashes along with flame and smoke during the firing create a unique surface to the glazes and the clay.  Each piece can be one-of-a-kind.  He continues a tradition of wood firing in his Owen family reaching back five generations to the late 1700s.

Chad Brown

About the Artistchad brown

I enjoy making wood-fired alkaline glazed and salted pots. Many of the shapes that I make today are like the ones that my grandfather and great-great grandfather made. I see pots in two ways: shape and surface. The shapes are designed by me and the surfaces are decorated by fire. Occasionally the best shape and the best surface find each other; this is my forever pursuit.

Carol Gentithes

About the Artistcarol gentithes

Carol’s work is primarily ceramic sculpture decorated in vivid colors, but for this show she has collaborated with Fred Johnston. Periodically she’ll appropriate his wood fire pieces and apply repurposed ceramic decals to the surface, after which she re-fires them in an electric kiln.

David Stuempfle

About the Artist

David has worked and exhibited across the US, Europe, david stuempfleand Asia.  He has been a US/Japan Creative Artists Fellowship recipient, and an NEA/Central and Eastern Europe Visual Arts Fellowship recipient. He has taught at Penland School of Crafts, the Bascom Center for Visual Arts and numerous universities and colleges. His work is included in the collections of the Mint Museum of Craft and Design, the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park Museum (Japan), the NC Museum of History, the Asheville Museum of Art, and the Museum of International Folk Art, among others.

Fred Johnston

About the Artistfred johnston

Fred’s work in this show is made from local wild clay and wood fired. His decoration can include but is not limited to rice hull ash glaze, salt glaze, black oxide, and rice paper decals.

Hitomi Shibata

About the Artisthitomi shibata

I love making beautiful functional pots combining natural materials and the elements. It’s very simple, but it requires lots of hard work and effort that go into making them. I hope people will look, touch and feel the beauty of nature in my pottery.

Jugtown Pottery: Bayle Owens

About the Artistbayle owens

I have always been drawn to the animals, wild and domestic, who we share this world with. I draw inspiration from the beauty and wisdom of these creatures as I work to capture some essence of their being in my work.

Jugtown Pottery: Pamela Owens

About the Artistpamela owens

The process of making pots at Jugtown Pottery is a reflection of my life and of the lives of those who have made pots here before. I have a deep respect for this and for the local clays and raw materials. They are vital, as is the input from the folks who purchase the pieces I make.  The forms are always subtly changing; incremental nuances can make a piece more harmonious. It is a continuous process of seeing and practicing and always learning.

Jugtown Pottery - Travis Owens

About the Artisttravis owens

I feel like we all work as a team here at Jugtown. The Busbee’s never considered Jugtown to be about one person, and I think we still feel that way. It was and still is about the pots; they’re meant to flow together. Quality, form, consistency – those are things that are important to me, and to everyone at Jugtown.

Jugtown Pottery: Vernon Owens

About the Artistvernon owens

I was born into a pottery family; I was making pieces for my father’s shop when I was ten. I have worked hard and there was a time when I made hundreds of pieces in a day, that isn’t necessary anymore. I have spent time looking at early pieces from my grandfather and other potters living in the area before I was born; form is very important, a simple pot with good form and proportions is very satisfying to me.

Kate Johnston

About the Artistkate johnston

Kate Johnston opened her pottery studio in Seagrove, North Carolina in 2010. Kate’s pots are made with local materials, boldly carved with organic patterns inspired by Art Deco design, and fired in a large wood-burning kiln. Kate shows her pots internationally and has lectured and taught throughout the USA.

Michael Mahan

About the Artistmichael mahan

I make pots inspired by traditional potters, past and present. I mostly fire in a wood kiln now because of its serendipitous nature. Pick up my pots and feel the weight, the shape, the surface. They are made of strong stoneware, sometimes from clay that I dig nearby and often fired with wood that I cut and chop from the land around me. Any decorations on my pottery are inspired by my love of the outdoors, often depicting a peaceful moment with nature.

Sid Luck

About the Artistsid luck

It has been my goal, all my life, to carry on as much of the old traditional work as I can.

Takuro Shibata

About the Artisttakuro shibata

There are so many beautiful lines shapes and colors in nature. And I am inspired by those to create my work. I cannot compete with nature. I think I am a part of it and create something that could live together. For that reason, I try to keep the motion of my hand and brushwork on my piece as part of my existence in it. I prefer to use local clay, which is less processed and more natural than commercially heavily processed clay. And I am choosing wood firing for my primary firing method because it creates the surface that sometimes humans cannot create or control. I hope the piece that I create will blend into nature and also people’s daily life with harmony.

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