Aspen Hochhalter

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The 92/20 Self-Portrait Series is a collection of 92 wet plate collodion ambrotype self-portraits created in 20 days during the summer of 2011. These very personal self-portraits speak to the construction and deconstruction of feminine identity. It was also an experiment in returning to not only the roots of photographic expression by utilizing one of the earliest photographic processes, but also a return to the bare essentials of photographing: a reliance on self, silver and the sun. Yet, since wet plate collodions have to be coated, exposed and developed in a matter of minutes--all while the light sensitive photographic emulsion is still wet - this nineteenth century process has an intriguing parallel to the instant gratification of our current digital age.

Caroline Waterman

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For me landscapes have always held a special power. Landscapes have a soul, they hold secrets, and they have the power to inspire the spirit or soothe the mind. Since I was a child a place could have such a power over me that I would sit alone for hours and allow myself to be swept away by its magic.  I love to photograph a landscape, and in doing so I have tried to reach beyond the place to the power and peace within. For the past couple of years I have been working on a landscape series using a toy camera, usually a holga.  The use of this camera gives the effect of reaching past the present, of looking through a telescope to find the essence of the landscape. The use of historic process helps me to slow down the development of the image and allows the heart to break through.




Carolyn DeMeritt - Tone

About the ArtistDeMeritt Panteon de Xoxo 2 Mexico 1993

I believe, as many artists do, that I’m driven to create, often without a clear understanding of why or what the work is “about” until after the fact. The surprises keep me going. I’m always seeking answers to unasked questions and my artwork is an attempt to engage others in the conversation. In the end, the work is the statement. It must stand or fall on its own.

Clayton Joe Young

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What got me into photography over twenty years ago was the search of traditional ways of life like I experienced with my grandparents growing up in rural North Carolina. I witnessed one of the last generations of farmers who were self-sufficient and lived like their forefathers did. I have strived to capture what I could find in hopes to preserve the rich heritage of North Carolina..

Dustin Shores

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9/2/2018 through 9/2/2019 was the happiest and saddest year of my life. My iPhone camera became my diary, a way to prove that I was still alive, a proof of existence, a way to face the world, to point at something and hold steady.

Jen Crickenberger

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“Myths & Memoirs” is a series of digital collages that combines found images, layered with light and symbolism, to express a personal narrative. The stars are interwoven to represent a personal symbol of strength and a broader sense of spirituality. As a body of work, they tell a series of short stories about my life.

Joshua White

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These images are from a larger body of work documenting contemporary creative practice in southern Appalachia, including artists, musicians, farmers, luthiers, and other creative practices. When I make a tintype on a farm, the air and sunlight necessary for photosynthesis to occur physically touch the plate, creating an object that not only documents my subject's efforts, but preserves and honors them by bearing active witness. Using a process introduced in the 1850s and intentionally crafting unique images in the age of digital photography, which I also deeply value, is a conscious effort to reconnect with the work of the hand, tradition, and innovation in this beautiful, complex region.

Laurie Schorr

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if I could fly I would is a collection of narrative work in progress representing my love of trailrunning and my fortune of finding feathers along each trailrun. This work is a combination of hand coated palladium prints of various views from my trail runs, and larger hand coated cyanotype prints of the various feathers I have found along these trails.

Phil Moody

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These pictures come from an extended series on the marble workers of the Alentejo, Portugal. My interest is in creating a visual tautness that mirrors the efforts of the workforce in cutting stone with considerable precision.

Sonja Langford

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As an emerging artist my work is currently grounded in experimentation of process and concepts. I am drawn to light and how it plays with form, the rural south, and my role in the world as a woman. My photographs are direct — inviting us to view the common and ordinary as sacred.

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