Marc R. Hanson

About the ArtistMarcHansonCrop

I have pursued a career as a painter for many years now. Along the way my methods, materials and focus have evolved. A naturalist at heart, the landscape is the perfect vehicle for expressing the joy I have for the world that surrounds me. My real interest and challenge as a painter is how to best manipulate the core principles of painting into effective visual statements. I’m most successful when I’m able to communicate that joy to the viewers of my paintings.

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Bill Jackson

About the ArtistBillJacksonCrop

The natural beauty and mystery of the nearby regional swamps, and coastal landscapes in an intimate perspective—that’s what I offer my audience. Usually swamps and beaches are known for their flat, uninspiring views, but I want to give my art a unique vision by drawing inspiration from the mystery of natural form and an antithesis of color and light. I want my admirers to appreciate my vision in the unmistakable beauty of the American landscape.

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Jeff Markowsky

About the ArtistJeffMarkowskyCrop

Plein air painting is a natural source of joy for me. It combines my childhood passions of painting and my love for nature into one. Painting outdoors is where I confront the truth. The direct and immediate response to my surroundings allows me to connect with the moment and tap into pure potential. For me this is very similar to meditation, only with a very tangible result, that of the final expression, the painting itself.

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Michael Reibel

About the ArtistMichaelReibelCrop

This body of work primarily represents the rural landscape of various farms in my native Kentucky. Large tracts of land are becoming a rare sight as development continues to extend beyond our city limits. Capturing the solitude and beauty of such places has been a driving force in my work now and in the future.

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