J. Bruce Jordan, Jordan Mill Pottery

About the ArtistJordan

My family has always been into wood, I on the other hand have always gravitated toward pottery. Being somewhat of a history buff, even pieces of pots found in the fields set my imagination going. When I got the chance to work with Dan Triece I didn’t have to think twice. He taught me to mix glazes from scratch and how to throw. He introduced me to Raku and the pyromania involved in that process. He has been a mentor ever since.

My inspiration comes from a lot of different places. My lifelong hobby of Indian relic hunting led me to native potshards from many different times and tribes. All of history from the earliest Chinese kiln sites to early American lifeways always seemed to have pottery that spurred my imagination. The pottery centers of Seagrove and the Catawba Valley made me want to try all the different types. The inspiration for different types of pots is everywhere! Ideas from all media cause ideas to come to mind so it’s off to the wheel to see where the ideas take me.

I have always felt the need to create. If I don’t have the right tools for the job my mind starts working on a way to get the same results without the tools. Of all the creative endeavors I have tried, pottery became an obsession. I feel like the day I die I will still be learning and asking myself: If I try this, what will happen? How do I get the effect that I’m looking for? My work is ever evolving and keeping my imagination activated.

My pieces have to have satisfaction of use and be pleasing to the eye. Some are made with an eye toward humor. I wish them all to be loved for the fact that they are handmade with a passion for the natural materials they are made from.

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