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I see my work as a continually evolving process of refinement; developing new ideas from those things that I encounter that really speak to me. Given the amazing variety of shape, color, materials, techniques, and other variables that are available to the studio potter, it is inevitable that my work is a synthesis of multiple influences melded together to express something unique. The results are a reflection of the specific choices I have made along the way. From the use of porcelain as my primary medium, to ash glazes inspired by my work with wood firing and it's connection to the origins of glaze development, my work is heavily influenced by my own experiences and surroundings.

All work is made of high grade English grolleg porcelain, layered with combinations of multiple glazes, including wood ash, micro-crystalline, and copper red glazes, applied to greenware, or raw clay pots. They are then single fired slowly to a temperature of approximately 2450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it much more durable than most mass produced ceramic ware.  All of my work is completely functional, food safe, and is suited for use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher.

I have lived most of my life In North Carolina where I grew up. My family on both sides has roots in the state extending back several generations. I have been a full time studio potter now for more than 26 years; but getting there was somewhat accidental. As an Art History major at college in the St. Louis area I took a number of elective art courses. I was focused on drawing at first, but having taken all of the drawing courses that were offered, I decided to try pottery. I was immediately drawn to it, spending much of my free time in the clay studio, driven by my determination to develop the skills on the wheel needed to make a piece I could be proud of. Needless to say, that took a while.

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