Dan Triece, Dirtworks Pottery

About the ArtistDan Triece

Dirtworks is the home pottery of Dan Triece. Dan’s initials are "DRT", the starting point for the name of his pottery. Add an "I" and you have "Dirt", thus "Dirtworks." Dan majored in music, graduating from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. After receiving a degree in pottery from Montgomery Community College, he says his fate was determined. "When I found pottery, I knew I had found my life's work."

Dan pursues the elusive goal of making the perfect pot. He is accomplished in working with Raku, earthenware, and stoneware. Raku vessels coated in copper luster glaze with touches of silver and gold are his trademark, and he was one of the first Seagrove artists to produce them.

Dan works with stoneware and earthenware, highlighting each piece with his signature glazes of teal, cranberry, deep midnight blue, sage green, and age-old celadon green. While he has a following for each color group, he says that without form and function, the piece is lost. Every mug, plate, or bowl must be made for use, with the use defining the form.

Dan's nephew, Ben Vanpelt, has recently come on board as "heir apparent." While learning from his uncle, Ben also contributes his own ideas ensuring that Dirtworks will continue to thrive and be a vital part of Seagrove.

“We have all heard that life is a journey... unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere. The ups and downs of learning are the same, especially when one works with their hands. This is a collection of the most important people in my life for the last four decades that I have learned with, laughed with and cried with (as well as a few other things we will not discuss). I have taught some - learned from them all, worked with and alongside them, as we explored this wonderful world of clay. Their personalities are diverse as is their interpretation of clay and, if I have learned nothing else from life - it is that diversity adds spice and interest. I often say that I am never bored - and that is true. Between the pots, dogs and garden there is never enough time or energy. If I have regret, it is that there was never enough time for friends to just sit and share themselves. To all of them I say THANK YOU!”
-Dan Triece, Curator


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