Recording studio in works for Mt. Pleasant community

February 25, 2022
Come this summer, there’s a certain three acres in Mt. Pleasant that could grow something other than a field of corn or a few bushels of tomatoes. It could produce a local crop of professional musicians instead. That’s if Gabriel Bello’s dream comes true. And it looks like it’s getting closer to becoming a reality.

Bello, a professional musician himself, is working to complete a full scale recording studio that he plans to make accessible to others in the community.

"The goal is to get enough grants and private funding that I can make it available to local ministries, local music artists and the school systems, and not have to worry about charging anybody for any of the services,” said Bello.

The project is moving at a piecemeal pace as Bello receives funding – some through private donations and others through grants. The building’s concrete foundation and plumbing were completed from earlier funds, and just recently Bello received a $3,000 Artist Support Grant he’ll use for framing material for the inside. The North Carolina Arts Council provides funds for Artist Support grants, and those funds are allocated by the Cabarrus Arts Council and other arts councils throughout the state.

Bello estimates the entire project, including recording equipment, will cost around $100,000.

Bello outside

See a timelapse of the build.

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