Cabarrus Arts Council Donors

Without our generous donors, the Cabarrus Arts Council’s work would not be possible. Donations and pledges received from July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018 Fund Drive are listed below. If we omit or make an error in your name, please accept our apologies and notify our office.

Donations to the Cabarrus Arts Council support performances in The Galleries, schools programs and grants to local arts organizations. The arts council is grateful for gifts of any size. 

Shakespeare - $50,000+
Atrium Health
Cabarrus County
Mariam and Robert Hayes Charitable Trust
North Carolina Arts Council

Mozart - $20,000-$49,999
City of Concord
City of Kannapolis
Embassy Suites Hotel and Concord Convention Center

Da Vinci - $10,000-$19,999
Duke Energy
Great Wolf Lodge
Hilton Garden Inn
Independent Tribune
Technologies Edge
Wells Fargo

Angelou - $5,000-$9,999
Cabarrus County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Concord Printing Company
William and Debbie Dusch
F&M Bank
Fifth Third Bank
Lil' Robert's Place
Positively Ballroom
Town of Harrisburg

Gershwin - $2,500-$4,999
Allen Tate Realtors
Keith and Gerry Gehl
Joseph and Nancy Hunter
Shoe Show
The Bead Lady

Baryshnikov - $1,000-$2,499
Cannon School - Advocates for the Arts
CESI, Inc.
Duke Energy Foundation Matching Gifts
Hilbish Motor Company
Law Offices of Richard M. Koch
Let's Dance Studio
Market Street Studios
Pinnacle Financial Partners
Potter & Company PA
Town of Midland
Town of Mount Pleasant
WHIP'D Properties, LLC

Applause Society - $1,000+
Susan R. Andersen
Gregory V. and Cordelia P. Andrews
Mark D. and Sharon B. Antoszyk
Andrea Bouronich
Georgi N. Brockway
Angela Brown
David and Nicki Bryant
Paul T. and Margaret Campbell
Karen Cobb
Clifford C. Compton
Edward and Emily Burkhart Croom
Alan and Robin Davis
Sue Davis
William E. and Lisa Dunlow
William and Debbie Dusch
Keith and Gerry Gehl
William H. and Janet R. Goodman
Alice Grant
Jeffrey and Amy A. Greene
Kathleen F. Grew
Bill Harris
Wes and Tish Harris
Sue W. Hartsell
Robert C. and Barbara W. Hayes
Diane R. Honeycutt
Bryan and Anna Hunt
Joseph and Nancy Hunter
Daniel and Jeanne Johnson
Joan Jones
Douglas G. and Cheryl K. Kelling
Jane Liles
Anne M. Mayfield
Ian McBrayer and Jennifer Delaney
Brigitte Miller
Mark and Cynthia Mitchell
R. Kyle and Kathi K. Mitchell
Brian and Margaret Moore
Steve Morris
John and Margaret Morrison
William L. and Jennie Morrison
William A. and Louise A. Murray
Cynthia Mynatt
Grace M. Mynatt
Felipe Navarro
Lori A. Neilon
Frank A. and Sharon O. Rankin
Adam G. Ravin
John Robbins
Michael and Cynthia Rohrer
Anita R. Santa Cruz
Frank C. and Marcella S. Schwalbe
Edward and Noelle Scott
Betsy Hamilton Smith
Maria H. Soliman
Kimberly Stamey
Rob and Glenda Steel
Steve and Erika Steinbacher
William T. Sumner and Cheryl Weyers
L. Darrell and Sandra C. Thomas
Timothy N. and Elisabeth J. Thornton
James G. and Kay W. Wall
Barney and Margaret C. West
Keith and Tammy Trexler Whaley
Dick and Jacqueline Whitfield
Phyllis A. Wingate
Cynthia S. Wise

Avett - $500-$999
Behavioral Health Consulting
Ben Mynatt Dealership
Joseph Boggs
C. DeWitt Foard & Company, PA, CPAs
William and Ann Cannon
Carm's Cafe
Charles W. and Pamela B. Collier
Lee Connor
William Keith and Kim Cook
Jack and Elaine Cox
Craven & Company Realtors
David Davis
DeAnna Ford, CPA
Bryan and Holli Delaney
Dermatology Group of The Carolinas
Laura Elizabeth Dusch
Scott and Amanda Dyer
Michael Eagle
Martin W. Ericson
Nancy Faggart
Dean and Cynthia Fink
Tamara H. Gentle
George P. and Makeisha D. Griffin
Keith and Stacey Griffin
Cory M. Grimshaw
Charles Don and Sara Heiser
Anita B. Helms
Timothy and Terri Hodges
Jason and Laura Holt
Angela D. Humphrey
David and Lisa Hunkele
William and Sharman Hunter
A. Stephen Johnson and Dakeita Vanderburg-Johnson
Crecia B. Keller
Rusty Knox
Matt L. LaMere
Daniel J. and Lori Lantos
Susan Lewis
Frieda M. Lowder
C. Daniel and Brenda McCombs
Martha A. McConnell
Paul and Kim McMurray
Jim Mitchell
Juliette X. Montauk
Moose Drug Company
Wesley S. Norris
Gerald V. and Susan B. Otteni
Scott and Teresa Padgett
Michael and Sue Ransom
Lora Riddle
Rick and Amy E. Schoolman
Eileen Simpson
Holly Sloop
Robert M. and Susan J. Smith
Eleanor Steel
Joseph C. and Deborah Stegman
John and Dana Sweat
Terra Green Landscapes, Inc.
Therapy Talk, Inc.
Todd A. and Amanda B. Thompson
Union Street Bistro
WE Creative LLC
James and Shelley Williams
Gary M. and Alisha Sides Wilson
Peggy G. Wright

Fitzgerald - $250-$499
Aberdeen Carolina and Western Railway Company
Chris Abney
Donald E. Anthony
Donna B. Arnder
AT&T Foundation Matching Gift Program
Alesia C. Atwood
Kimberly E. Baker
Nancy M. Barbee
Phyllis J. Bell
Joan M. Bennett
Jonathan Benton
Julie E. Bolt
Jonathan E. Bowers
Lee Brading
Charles and Yvonne Bridges
Ruth Brooks
Burchfield Insurance Group
Henry L. Burke
Manuel E. Campbell
Reid and Jessica Castrodale
Audrea T. Chapman
Margaret L. Cleveland
Linda Coad
Patrick J. and Christy Condon
Victor A. and Benita L. Conrad
Joyce E. Conway
Raymon H. and Jeanne M. Cox
Christine A. Cullen
Tamera S. Curtis
Samuel and Alice Davis
Wim F. De Neef
Steve F. and Mary S. deSouza
Diamond Springs
Allen and Martha Dobson
Michael K. and Etta E. Downs
Jackie and Sue Hooper Duncan
Rebecca H. Dunlap
Jason Efland
Ellis Jewelers
Cory and Michelle S. Emerine
Laura J. Emery
First Carolina Properties
Steve Fisher
Marion and Cathy Floyd
Gem Theatre, Inc.
Lee and Judy Gray
Lynette K. Gregory
Joseph and Diane Griffin
Sherry A. Griffin
Sarah M. Grippe
Chad A. Harvey
Lynn M. Hawkins
Jonathan S. Hays
Jane Henderson
Larry Hendley and Jan Beatty-Hendley
Tommy R. and Pamela T. Hinson
Holton Construction Concepts
Rhonda T. Honeycutt
Kelly Hopper
Emily D. Hostetter
Susan Howell Bare
Andrew Jenkins
Dan E. and Mary Ann Johnson
Donna H. Johnson
Erik Johnson
Thomas R. and Theresa R. Jones
Kevin and Casey Killough
Francis Koster and Carol Spalding
KS Image Solutions, LLC
Amber N. Lafferty
Liles Construction Company, Inc
Cherie S. Lowry
David and Michele Luoma
Debra D. Martin
Robert C. Maston
Tom and Christine McAlarney
Zac and Lisa McCombs
J.C. and Pam McKenzie
Charles McKinley
Jennifer L. McMillan
Michael Mills
Barry L. and June B. Moore
Mallory N. Moore
Morrison Brothers Building Center, LLC
Earl and Carrie Myers
Luci L. New
New Branch Real Estate Advisors
Kelly Adam and Connie M. Ortiz
Donald E. and Pamela C. Outen
Rebecca P. Peek
Brian and Lisa Perry
Sandie Pressley
Kadee B. Primus
Christopher L. Puckett
Beverly Pugh
Edward and Jeanette Ray
Angela B. Reid
Darlene P. Roberts
Scott Russell
Ross and Darlene Russo
John and Susan Schneider
Carol Schofield
Julie A. Scott
Donald E. and Christine S. Seitz
St. Andrews Living Center, Inc.
Robin H. Starnes
Tri B. and Jennifer Tang
Thad and Erin Trantham
Margene Troutman
David Turner and Mabel Lastres-Turner
United Cabarrus Insurance Agency
Shawn E. Van Wallendae
Gary and Barbara Walker
Tim D. and Jeanette H. Wax
Hannah M. Whitley
Heather S. Wittmann
Larry and Patricia Woods
C. Kep and Elizabeth Younce
Elaine Young

Chaplin - $100-$249
Daryle A. and Lydia H. Adams
James and Barbara Adams
Sally Akers
Allied Concrete Forming Inc.
Jeannette D. Almeida
Tony L. and Kelly S. Almond
Thomas Alvarado
Robert and Carol Anderson
Michael and Theresa W. Andreis
Clarence Rodney and Judith Armstrong
Laura P. Armstrong
William and Anne Austin
Scott and Sarah Avett
Steven Ayers
Rebecca Bahn
Lucas and Laura Baker
Mark and Mary Baker
Rod and Tracy Ballard
Michelle Balsbough
Bank of America Matching Gifts Program
Bank of the Ozarks
Michelle M. Bare
Katherine M. Barrier
Robert L. and Elnora P. Barrier
Christopher A. Barringer
David A. Baucom
J. David and Alice R. Baxter
Tammy C. Bayne
Daniel S. and Marcella A. Beam
Dorothy M. Beam
Kathi J. Belk
Nancy Bell
Marjorie Benbow
Wendy S. Betts
Lela T. Bishop
Kathrine H. Black
John M. Blackburn
C. Trent and Elaine W. Blackman
Kathleen Blackwell-Plank
Matthew Blake
Wendy S. Blake
Mitchel and Linda Bollag
Donna Bollinger
Dan and Teena Boone
C. Marion and Barbara Bost
Stephen L. and Karen R. Bradley
Charles and Linda K. Bresnahan
Morgan Brown
Ryan and Marjorie Brown
Thomas R. Brown
Sybil E. Brumley
Lee Bryan
Larry F. and Regina C. Burchett
Steve and Debbi Burke
Josephine H. Burney
Christopher and Kelley Burren
Doyle M. and Connie T. Bussey
Peter A. and Stephanie H. Bynum
Vernon and Karen Byrd
Pamela D. Cain
James and Marjorie Campbell
Carolina Fire Control, Inc.
Lauren E. Carpenter
Lauren M. Cary
Andrew and Page Castrodale
Suzette Caune
Jack and Patricia Chaffin
Peter and Nancy Chikes
Sherman A. Childers
Amanda L. Christy
David and Kathleen Chubb
David W. and Jane H. Clark
Mark Douglas and Courtney Clark
Lori Clay
Dean and Lori Cobb
Gene and Jean Cochrane
Michael Coia
Community First Bank
Lorri Connor
Ashlyn M. Corley
Christine Corsello
Patti S. Corzine
Jennifer L. Costantino
Nancy Cox
Terry and Carolyn Crawford
Christopher G. Creamer and Channon M. Craig
Cynthia C. Criswell
Robert and Judy Critz
Andrew Crook and Liliana R. Gismondi-Crook
CrossFit Vitality
John and Phyllis Crump
Lacey Cunningham
Walker and Jenny Dabbs
Wayne S. and Maragaret K. Dabbs
Robert and Charlotte Dagley
Glenn W. and Melinda L. Daniel
Beverly S. Darwin
Joan Davis
Peter S. and Linda M. Davis
Ronald and Sue Davis
Ryan G. Dayvault
Elisa A. De La Rosa
Teresa Dean
Jeffrey M. Deese
D. Deborah Dees-Gladden
David Delaney
Stephanie Delaney
Buddy and Patricia DeLizza
James and Laura Fagg DeMay
Patrick and Anna Dempsey
Hannah Dickerson
Michelle D. Dietrich
Thomas W. and Fannie J. Dillard
Felecia A. Dixon
Thomas and Jeanne Dixon
Tony Do
Daisha M. Dobbins
Marie Dockery
Michelle Domanico
Sallie S. Dotger
Doughgirls Catering
Ted R. Drain
Cindy G. Drye
Steve and Pam Dubois
Kendra M. Dums
Julia S. Dwiggins
Regina A. Eagle
T. Keith and Rebecca Earnhardt
Jennifer A. Elden
Donald R. and Janell M. Eng
Austin and Celia Entwistle
Sarah L. Erickson
Tracy B. Eudy
W. Del Eudy
Jim and Linda Ewing
Thomas and Toni Fagart
Ike and Jane Faust
Randall S. and Angela C. Fitzwater
Timothy H. and Frances G. Foley
Jeremy C. and Deanna J. Ford
Terry A. Foreman
Keyonna S. Freeman
Walt and Renee Friday
Danny K. Fu
James and Jessica Garmon
Melanie G. Gass
Sharon D. Gibson
Courtney L. Giraldo
Catherine Godfrey
Joanne Gonnerman
Alan and Gwynn Goodman
Phil and Jeanne Goodman
Craig R. Gordon
David W. and Dana K. Gordon
Gordon, Keeter & Company
Thomas M. and Carole H. Grady
J. Michael and Mary Gray
Marc and Laurel Gregory
Clorena L. Grier
Kenneth A. and Leslie Griffin
Nancy E. Griggs
Stanley Gunter
Michelle L. Guyder
L. Stephen Guyton and Elizabeth K. Shuping
Herbert J. and Tami Hames
Merlyn C. and Susan W. Hamilton
Walter W. and Susan P. Hannah
Randy G. Hardee
Melissa M. Harkey
Richard P. Harmon
Edward and Amanda K. Sellers Harper
Lakendra M. Harris
Tonya G. Harrison
John Harroff
Debora W. Hartis
Miller J. and Julie Hartsell
Jeffrey and Kimberly Hartsock
Ryan and Sarah Hawkins
Patricia B. Hayfron
Ashleigh Helms
Dan and Julie Henderson
William Brian and Julie Hiatt
Jenny C. Hicks
Amanda P. High
High Branch Brewing Company
Julia S. Hill
Lee and Crystal Hill
Margaret Hillman
Erin C. Hinckley
Hodgens State Farm Insurance Agency, Inc.
Jeanne Hodges
Cassandra R. Holbrook
David M. and Gail S. Holding
Amy Holland
Edward Holloway
Vance and Brenda Horton
John and Suzanne Howard
Paul and Sandy Hunt
Glenda M. Hunt-Wright
James N. and Patricia H. Iglehart
Kimberly H. Irby
Irresistible Portraits
Garrett and Susan Jenio
Jennie Martin Tomlin Galleries
Johnnie R. Jones
Robert Andrew and Kelly M. Jones
Robert Craig and Barbara S. Jones
Thomas E. and Glenda F. Jones
Justin Jones-Fosu
David C. Joyce
Melissa W. Keasler
Vincent and Eileen Keipper
Ann M. Keller
Eva S. Kemerait
Bruce C. and Susan H. Kennedy
Amanda Kenworthy
Blake and Nancy S. Kiger
Josh and Laura King
Rudy L. King
Samuel and Mariah E. King
William Brian and Kara King
Bill Kinsey and T. Frank Meade
John Chris and Tammy Kiser
Robert C. and Joyce W. Kluttz
Mark S. and Karis H. Kremers
Anne Krug
Kevin R. and Kendra A. Kruse
Allan and Sandra Krusell
Benjamin and Racheal Kunesh
Robert Bruce Lacy
Keith Laibson
F. P. Jon Langford
Janet E. Langford
Law Offices of Annette R Heim PA
Bruce and Julia Lawing
Samuel M. and Shannon Leder
Michael B. and Annette Kelly Legg
Laura A. Levin
Deana Lewis
Harry Lewis
Jeffrey J. Lewis
Olivia Linkel
Buell and Debra Edwards Little
Whitney Logan
Canan Long
Cathy J. Long
Christine C. Long
Louis A. Fennell Company
Catherine R. Lynch
MacPherson's Diamonds and Designs
Nicholas H. Mai
Rhonda W. Mann
Allison M. Manning
Jeremiah and Barbara Manning
Kenneth G. and Kathryn Sellers Maroney
Michael E. Marsee
David L. and Gina M. Mashburn
Stephanie S. Matthews
Beverly Maynor
Don and Lise McBrayer
Felecia L. McCain-Titus
John and Judy McCrimmon
Jerry E. McGee
Marty B. and Debin D. McGee
Paul C. McMurray
David W. and Susan S. McMurry
Leslie B. McSheehan
Wilma King Means
Patricia A. Medlin
Steve L. and Debra Medlin
Ed and Freeda Miers
David M. and Janet B. Millar
James and Laurie Miller
John Ramsey and Susan Dedmon Miller
Jonathan A. and LeeAnn Miller
John and Lisa Mills
Anthony Misuraca
Joseph E. and Janna Stamey Mitchell
Charles Moenius
James M. and Dorothy C. Monroe
Carol A. Moose
Joseph S. Moose
Moretz and Skufca, PLLC
Mallory A. Morris
Helen H. Morrison
Morrison Agency, LLC
Shannon B. Morton
Felicia N. Moseley
Tony and Norma Mosley
Renee Murphy
April H. Nash
NC Alpha Lambda Chapter ADK
Paul and Melanie Newton
N-Focus, Inc.
Andrea D. Norales
John and Billie Nordan
Brock and Mollie Clark Norris
Mark and Pamela Novasad
O Incorporated
Janice Odell
John K. P. Odell
Patrick Ossowski and Lyne-Andree Benoit
Edwin and Hilda Outen
Audrey Padgett
Jennifer L. Page
Eric J. Panner
Douglas and Melissa Paris
Peggy S. Parrott
JT and Jess Patton
Carolyn Perry
Richard A. and Barbara R. Perry
Ben and Porter K. Peterson
Anna Petrillo
Andrew and Paula Phillips
David Phillips
Wren Philpot
Annie Pickett
Kathy Pilkington
Kenneth J. and Christine F. Piller
Mark and Kimberly Plemmons
Franklin R. and Sharon S. Plummer
Joseph and Simone G. Plummer
Robert Poetta
Jerry and Tram Pokorney
Thomas Polito
Martha F. Poole
Teresa B Prather
Edward K. and Betty Jean Prewitt
Sarah W. Price
Elizabeth H. Prichard
Bradley Propst and Ashley Sedlak-Propst
Trent and Katherine W. Propst
Willow Quillen
Radio Free Cabarrus
Camille Ragano-Perez
Kimberly C. Raines
Katie M. Reaves
Mark S. and Claudia Reiff
Nancyann Rella
Charles W. Rhodes
Hearne and Danita Rickard
Virginia Ridenhour
Janna R. Riley
Jennifer L. Riley
William E. and Amanda D. Rinker
Robert and Priscilla Ritchie
J. Marsh and Ruthie Wright Roberts
Lori V. Robinson
Mark and Karen Robinson
Joseph and Karen Roche
Delinda Rodgers
Terry L. and Elizabeth D. Rodgers
Eva Rodriguez
Jacqueline S. Rodriguez
Marcella Rodriguez
Doris Y. Rogers
Emily B. Ronemus
John C. and Cynthia Rossitch
Robert K. and Mary Beth Roth
Rowan Cabarrus Community College Foundation
Evander and Mattie Rowell
Ruehlen Supply Company, Inc.
Daniel Ruocco
Dale and Cynthia Russell
S.T.A.R. Resources
Donna R. Safrit
Thomas Sanctis
William Sandford
Charlie E. and Tanya Sastoque
Ken and Ann Schrader
Peter J. Schupp
Garry H. and Pamela J. Schwartz
Steven J. and Pamela W. Sciascia
Frank B. and Sandra L. Sellers
Steve and Judy Selvey
Brian Sharkey
Edwin E. and Brenda F. Shaver
John D. and Carole E. Shaw
Van Shaw
Robert M. and Rebecca W. Shinn
Dustin A. and Erin K. Shoe
Laura A. Shuman
John Shumate
Christine Shutte
James and Venetia Skahen
Barbara Slingerland
Charles Michael and Patricia Smith
E.Z. and Patricia G. Smith
Gregory S. Smith
Hilary L. Smith
Holbrook C. Smith
Leanne Smith
Ronald R. and Katherine Smith
Suzanne Smith
Tammy L. Smith
Smith Chiropractic Clinic
Tiffany L. Sneed
Richard and Dianne Snyder
Tom and Ginger Snyder
Roberta C. Sorrell
Leslie B. Sossoman
Erwin and Jane Spainhour
Cassandra Spangenberg
Amy C. Spittle
Sportscenter Athletic Club
Cynthia L. Stabel
Daniel J. and Maureen M. Stackhouse
Douglas L. and Rebecca Stafford
Robert Staley
Melissa Stamey
Stephanie N. Starnes
Diamond Staton-Williams
Fred and Bettye Steen
Elaine Steinbacher
Eric J. Steinbacher
Timothy V. Stokes
Greg Stump and Bunny Nash
Karie Sturdevant
Alex Sturtevant
Richard Suggs and Shelley Kester
Alice Sumner
Janet Blair Sutton
Kristen M. Swift
Debra C. Swing
Graham M. and Anita H. Talbott
Kimberly W. Talley
Helen Tate
Brianna L. Taylor
Kenneth H. and Kathy H. Taylor
Melanie R. Taylor
Roderick D. and Cathy A. Teat
Bob Ten Haaf
Joseph W. Terrell
Tesh-Troxler Landscapes & Designs, Inc.
James W. Tice
Leslie Tosco
Townhouse II Restaurant
Tracie S. Treadaway
Charles R. and Jeanette M. Trexler
Michael J. and Michelle Trombley
Gavin D. Turner
Turner Orthodontics
Uptown Chiropractic
Joseph Venezia
Walter and Carol Vuchnich
Donald E. and Peggy S. Wagstaff
Andrea N. Wallace
Sharon Walters
Monica A. Wampler
Wendy Warner
Jamee Weatherford
Mark Weinstein
Catherine E. West
Christina Westveer
Meghan F. Whipple
David P. White
Mark E. and Karen R. Whitley
Terri P. Whitley
Arthur M. and Robin Whittaker
Dean Wike and Mitchell Neely
Christy E. Wilhelm
Wilkinson Funeral Home
Michael Williams
Rachael Williams
Tom E. and Carole F. Williams
Jody L. Wilson
Samuel V. Wilson
Sarah E. Wishon
David Witschi
Karon M. Wold
Amanda M. Woods
Michael T. and Sue K. Yates
John Jeffrey and Lisa Miller Young
Mina M. Young
Marco E. and Dorothy B. Zamora

Warhol - $50-$99
Alvin B. and Denise Adcock
April R. Akers
Mark and Cari Aldous
Ivan and Betty Ann Alicea
Ray Allen
Alternative Health-Main Street
Cindy K. Alvarado
Shalini A. Amin
Charles and Senah Andrews
Nancy Anthony
Jean C. Aube
Carolyn Aubitz
Vanessa A. Austin
Rebekah Ayscue
George Bame and Sue Cunningham
Mark A. and Dianne C. Barbee
Matt Barger
Michele Barnhardt
Dana Barringer
Samantha Baucom
Richard T. Beam
Bear Insurance Agency
Deborah B. Beatty
Amy D. Bell
Angela G. Blackwelder
Laura Blackwell
Peter and Mary Boccardo
Mark A. Bodnar
Eddie L. and Esther C. Boger
Frankie T. Bogutsky
Margaret A. Bonanni
John M. Booth
Langley B. Borneman
Anna Olivia Bost
Mary M. Bowers
Clay H. and Ellen D. Boyd
Mark Brackett
Robert B. and Deborah A. Brannan
Shirley Brannan
Susan K. Brooks
Cory Brouwer
Anita A. Brown
Mabel Brown
Phillip Pete Brown
Megan Brown Kubarych
Karey A. Bruton
Daron Chip and Camilla Hall Buckwell
Sarfaraz Bukhari
Kelly Burgess
Karen P. Burke
Traci Burnett
Bobbi M. Butler
Jennifer A. Calandra
Mike and Joyce H. Campbell
Neal O. and Diedre Carnahan
Shannon Carney
Carolyn Carpenter
Dale Carpenter
Lymari A. Carroll
Joshua L. and Heather H. Case
Wanda C. Casey
Donovan Chaney
Doris F. Chisholm
Michael Chisholm
Lynn R. Clark
Mark and LouAnne Clark
Darrell and Lisa Cline
William M. and Joyce K. Connolly
Jenna A. Cook
Veronica Cordle
Susan M. Correll
Susan Cothern
<span style="font-size: 12pt; color: black;">Dolores L. Coughlin
Will Crabtree
Allen and Janet Craven
Ford and Crystal Craven
Gregory and Renee Lewis Crawford
Sandy E. Cress
Joy Anne Crocker
Daniel and Paige Crowe
Gregory Crump
Beth B. Cruse
Cleola M. Davis
Grace M. Davis
Leonard M. and Gayle Deal
Holly Delaney
Emily C. Dodds
Penny T. Dorton
Randall A. Drake
Bryan Dunn
George E. Dunn
Wayne Eigenmann and Lisa Krass
Carolyn Elingburg
Heather N. Ellis
R. Michael and Rose M. Eury
Tim Fasano and Rebecca Collins
Cynthia S. Fertenbaugh
Madeline Fillman
Lorna D. Flowers
Mary Margaret Flynn
Teresa Fox
Lisa M. Fry
Carrie E. Futral
Kathryn M. Gallagher
Alonso N. and Winslow H. Galloway
John Gardner and Donna Ferraro
Elizabeth Gaul
Robinson M. and Julie M. Gilmore
Steven L. Glenn
Benjamin Goff
Michael and Amy Gough
Dawn A. Grant
Robert and Jessica Grant
Jennifer Graves
David Grelecki
Ken Griffin and Gwen Griffins
Kelly S. Guza
Dan N. and Sheryl Hagler
G. Mitchell and Judith C. Hagler
Elizabeth P. Hallman
Cid and Lea L. Halloway
Sterling B. Hammond
Ryan D. Hardister
Margaret F. Hardy
Timothy and Patricia Harkins
Kelly P. Harrington
Megan Hartman
Bill and Linda Hartsell
Jerry Hathcock
Nancy Haywood
Maxine Hedgepeth
Rhonda A. Henning
Annette R. Herring
Kendal Hicks
Elizabeth J. Hill
Erin Hoffman
Randy Holloway
Carol D. Holub
Peter J. Honerkamp
Tim and Lori Huie
Felicia A. Hunt
Willie E. Hunt
Roxanne J. Hunter
IBM Matching Gifts
Patricia Jenio
Timothy and Theresa Jenkins
Tyler and Natalie Jerkins
Marcy A. Jerome
Kimberly E. Jones
Michael and Susan Jones
Kenya L. Jordan
Patricia M. Kaldy
Kannapolis Woman's Club
John Keller and Annette Privette-Keller
Laura Kennison
Cyprian and Cyprain King
Vernie King
Wayne and Judy King
Jamie D. Kintz
Lisabeth Kirby
Robert and Elizabeth Kirk
Gunter A. and Marcia A. Klauss
Kristine Kober
Wayne Krimminger
Kearsten M. Kuddie
Chris LaGamba
Shannon Lance
Kristina R. Lane
Carla S. Langer
Kevin and Kippi Laws
Paul S. Lazaro
Jonathan D. and Heather L. Lechner
George and Betsy Liles
Buell Little
Brenda Long
Allison L. Love
Christopher M. and Stephanie M. Lowder
Georgia Lozier
D. Renee Macon
Abbey L. Markley
Robin Marks
Wesley A. and Ruth K. Martin
Dorothy R. McDaniel
Dan and Pamela M. McDonald
Brendan McDonnell
Tony and Kathlyn McEachern
Richard S. McGuire
Jonathan P. McKinsey
Kristen B. McKnight
Stacey R. McLemore
John D. and Grier McMillan
Jason Meade
Marta B. Meares
Macie E. Melton
Diane Merrill
Elizabeth I. Meyer
Blakely A. Milam
Kenneth and Carolyn Miller
Paige Mitchell
Donna E. Monroe
Kayla H. Morgan
Perry Woodrow and Hannah M. Morris
Hugh and Anne Morrison
Anita Morrissey
Emily S. Moser
Jay Mullen
Tammy Myers
Gay L. Myrick
Adam S. and Jennifer C. Nance
Kenny and Lori Nash
James A. and Joyce A. Nedoff
Niblock Development Corporation
Kimberly Norrie
Leigh A. Norris
Angel Oliphant
Walter and Karen Ordoyne
Amy Newton O'Rourke
Steven Ryan and Sara M. Osborne
Allan W. and Barbara J. Ostrander
Claire Outlaw
Autumn N. Parker
Laura P. Parkhurst
Jeffrey A. and Margaret B. Patchett
Cheryl Peeler
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Family Day - October 13, 2018
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(William H. and Iris M. Polk)
Dr. Brenda Wilson (Pamela D. Cain)

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Kay Harris (Bill Harris)

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